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dermatology skin through muscle

Image of skin through to muscle

The EPISCAN is able to image the human skin to very high resolution and to differentiate between subtle changes in tissue structure. Such information is only obtained otherwise by tissue damaging biopsies. Thus the EPISCAN is an ideal tool for dermatologists to assess various conditions and diseases, determine the effectiveness of treatments, and to help plan surgery.

dermis showing hair

High resolution image of dermis, showing hair follicles

Skin Cancers

skin lesions

Images of different skin lesions

High frequency ultrasound (HRUS) can be used to map and determine margins of skin lesions; providing input into surgical planning.  This can be utilized in two ways; when applied to Mohs surgery, it can be used to reduce the number of surgical sections needed to clear the margins of a lesion, leading to better utilization of clinician’s time and facilities, reduce costs and lessen patient discomfort. When applied to conventional surgery, it will increase the probability that lesion margins are cleared, thus reducing the probability of tumor reoccurrence. Dependent upon the tumor size and type, the probability of a lesion reoccurring at an excision site is between 50 and 90% within a five year period.

The ability of the EPISCAN to better determine margin can also help optimize the parameters for non-surgical interventions such as photo dynamic therapy (PDT) and radiation treatments.

HRUS can also be used following all procedures to verify the lesion has been cleared.

lesion on eye

Lesion imaged with depth measured

One determining factor on whether or not a pigmented feature is potentially malignant melanoma or merely a superficial skin discoloration is its depth of penetration. HRUS can accurately map skin lesions, including their depth. Therefore HRUS can provide dermatologists with a rapid non invasive screening tool for the early assessment of pigmented features and lessen the incidence of unnecessary biopsies.

Other Skin Conditions

The EPISCAN can image many other skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne and the effectiveness of treatments. Similarly, scars including keloids, can be imaged and the impact of treatments assessed.

surgical scar

Surgical scar

stretech mark

Stretch mark

In addition to imaging the skin high frequency ultrasound can be used to image nails and nail beds.


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