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WoundSource Badge ArticleChronic Wounds are a major worldwide health care problem, in the US they affect 2% of the population, are reported to cost $50 billion per annum, and give rise to a great deal of suffering. With many of the factors that influence the various wound types (diabetes, aging population, obesity, etc.) impacting a growing percentage of the population, the expectancy is that wounds will become an even greater problem in the future.

wound scanThe EPISCAN is a valuable tool in the prevention and assessment of chronic wounds. It allows the user to look beneath the surface of both existing wounds and at risk intact skin to visualize subtle changes in soft tissue that cannot be seen by visual assessment. This HRUS data, when combined with visual assessment and patient history information can lead to better and earlier assessment of a wound or potential wound.

The EPISCAN can also be used as a powerful communications tool to patients and their relatives, resulting in better compliance and appreciation of their condition and the treatment being provided.

Importantly the EPISCAN can be used to monitor the progression of wounds and the impact a treatment modality by repeat scanning and this ability also enables patient specific treatments to be developed.

wound timescale

The above EPISCAN image sequence shows the healing of a chronic wound. “Wound Day 1” shows the wound at its worst and by “2 months” the tissue is returning to a condition approaching “Normal”

In addition to the assessment and prevention of chronic wounds the EPISCAN can also be used to assess acute wounds including burns and the effectiveness of treatment on scars.

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